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There are no doubts that ‘website architecture’ plays a critical role in SEO effectiveness.

Good website architecture makes content easier to access and navigate by search engines and users.

Every website should have some structure. Why? Because a good website structure delivers great user experience.

Try to remove all the colours, fonts, graphics, images, then you’ll find that a good site design is really about an awesome structure. Firstly, a good site structure provides the website with sitelinks.

It is great not just from SEO point of view, but from user experience too. Sitelinks are a listing format in the SERPs that show the site’s main navigation. They increase the usability of the site, navigate users to the most relevant information, increase the brand’s awareness, improve user trust, increase clickthrough rate and help to dominate SERPs. Basically, sitelinks are brilliant.

So the question is – how do you get sitelinksif there is no way to request them from Google. But don’t get too upset☺️. You still have a great chance to get your sitelinks. So you know, Google automatically awards websites with sitelinks based on their excellent website structure, as good structure means better crawling for search engines. The aim of all the crawlers is to index the content to be able to return it in search results. So the better the website’s structure, the easier search engines can discover, access & index the site’s content. But bear in mind, that sometimes search engines can miss on some parts of the content on your site. To avoid this happening, make sure you have your sitemap up to date available.

To draw a conclusion from the above – please remember that only a great site structure can undoubtedly bring you desired SEO success.

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